Restoration of an Andrew Martin Horton reclaimed table




This gorgeous reclaimed table was safely shipped from Atlanta Georgia to Irvine California. During move in the entire table fell off the truck and hit the ground. One of the planks split right down the middle of the table. This table was already in need of refinishing but now it needed major restoration as well.


Project Challenges



The top of the table was a difficult task because of the climate the that table came from. When it fell and cracked, the boards warped and came out of alignment with each other. The crack had to be opened up and cleaned before glue could be injected. Then the table was clamped for a few days to allow for the glue to cure. Once the table was back together and close to being flat it was palm sanded unit flush. Polyurethane was chosen to protect the table and five coats applied over the course of a week.



The final product turned out perfectly. The customer was so excited during the delivery of the table back to her home. She said "The was the best part of the move"