Restoration of dining set affected by long term water damage




This dining set was left in a warehouse for 6 months with very high humidity without anyone's knowledge. When is was finally discovered the set was twisted and warped with water damage. The styles of the chairs had split and the set was in ruin. The set was valued at $20,000 but the customer only took out 0.60 coverage. To avoid litigation the decision was made to completely restore the set.

Project Challenges


After the first inspection of the set in late November it was relocated to another warehouse in Los Angeles where it sat again for 2 months as the details were worked out between the Insurance company and the shipper. The chairs were twice as damaged by the time we got the green light to start the conservation effort. When the chairs arrived at the shop they were quickly taken apart and glued and clamped. Some of the wood was so badly damaged that it could not be salvaged and was replaced.



As of 06/21/16 this project is still ongoing. Half of the chairs are still being restored and the other half are at the upholsterer being re done. There will be future updates to come as well as completed photos.